keskiviikko 30. lokakuuta 2013

Halloween Party

Punch with floating hand

On 28. 10. my home economy class had a Halloween party. We had made several things beforehand, things such as skulls, hands and bones. We also made some things in the same day when we were going to have the party, like rats, fingers, sweet toes and some punch!

Rats in blood sauce, wounded fingers

The Halloween party started nicely, the table was already set. We had Halloween themed napkins and candles. We closed the lights, had some punch, and started eating. It was a bit creepy to eat fingers and rats, but I did it anyways. I had tons of fun and wish everyone a happy Halloween!

Raw skulls

Green mucus

Teksti ja kuvat on valinnaisen englanninkielisen kotitalouden kurssilaisten tuotoksia.

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